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2022-01-03, 16:38

2022 Health & Fitness New Year’s Resolution

What’s your fitness related 2022 new year’s resolution?

Mine is to not fall out of routine going to the gym. It happens every year for a couple of months and I want this year to be more consistent. I also want to eat more whole foods and less processed sugar.

What about you?

2022-01-03, 22:48

I ride 2-3 times a week already. To me it's important that the activity is fun, or else I will propably fail to keep exercising on a regular basis. With horses I also have to shovel horse manure which is pretty heavy and ever since I started helping out in the stable I have gotten a bit stronger. Maybe not as intense as a gym workout or as effecient, but as long as it is fun I'll keep doing it :)

Other than that my new years resolution is to eat healthier because I propably have a lot of vitamin deficiencies, I've also noted that I get a lot more energy whenever I eat healthier which makes me also feel less depressed :)

I also hope to lose some weight, the pandemi has been hard. I would really like my clothes to fit again lol

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2022-01-06, 17:21

Those sound like good activities to keep fit. I imagine shovelling can work out quite a few muscles.

So important to eat healthy! I work from home and love to snack. I recently started stocking my fridge with snack sized veggies like sugar snap peas, celery, mini carrots, paprika and cucumber. Sometimes I have hummus with it too. I also keep apples, pears, and clementines around. It's helped me from eating a bunch of cookies and chips.

Yeah it has been so frustrating and hard to keep good habits with the pandemic. Recently our nearest gym closed because the workers got sick (it's a very small gym that only has 2 employees and is unstaffed most of the time) with Covid and now I have to walk 25-30m to the nearest gym. Not that walking is an issue but it is harder to convince myself to go when it is cold and dark. It also makes my gym trips go from 1 hour to 2. Hopefully, they reopen soon and the workers recover well.

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2022-01-09, 02:12

#2: Yeah that's true! Also, riding does as well. You use a lot of muscles you don't normally use, muscles I didn't even knew I had haha

Oh that is a very good idea! How do you remember to eat all your veggies before they expire? That is my biggest problem I struggle with.

Yeah agreed! Had a lot of activities because of my condition. Basically therapies, group stuff and such that kept me occupied. But with the pandemi everything just shut down and I got really depressed and isolated. Junk food and snacks is always more readily available than a proper cooked meal. It's better now when things are slowly getting more normal but it's hard to get back to your habits. I really hope your gym opens up again! It's not always fun to walk in the cold

Correlation does not equal causation.

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