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2019-10-02, 14:21

Week 40. Fitness Goals

As usual, share with us your fitness plans and goals for the week! Laughing

2019-10-02, 14:23

Oh its been a few weeks since I have posted a fitness goals thread! 

I have been struggling with my shoulder. I've more or less had to put on hold my training for the past couple weeks. 

Im going to go to the gym today though to do some heavily modified lower body exercises that don't involve the shoulder haha. Wish me luck!

2019-10-05, 11:46

How was your shoulder after your gym session?? I recently started a 4 week pole dancing fitness class! My friend and I go together and it’s a good laugh! Pole dancing is definitely hard work and takes so much strength and skill!

All the best, Leia

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2019-10-05, 13:27

Wow! That sounds like so much fun ☺️ I can imagine that it is really difficult lol My shoulder is the same, it got a little bothered but I took it really easy ans didnt lift any weights. Just did bodyweight and some machines.

2019-10-05, 21:40

Today I started a new project. It's got nothing to do with training or fitness, but some exercise is a by-product of it. 🙂 I spent the day digging four large holes in our garden. Very heavy and awkward work. Tomorrow I will cast concrete foundations for a structure holding solar panels. Casting is heavy too.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2019-10-06, 16:15

That is a lot of physical work! At least the weather isnt too warm or too cold at the moment. Good luck to you on your project!

2019-10-07, 14:01

The weather was pretty goood for what I did. It felt chilly when I went outside, but as soon as I started working, it felt comfortable. A bonus was that it felt great when I realized what had been accomplished last night. 😀

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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