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2020-01-27, 00:02

James Smith: Not a Diet Book

I follow James Smith, who is a PT, on social media and listen to his podcasts. I think he is pretty funny and straight with his advice and cuts the crap. He’s known for his line “calorie f*kn deficit”. He has this line because he wants to get word out that there is no special miracle you need to lose weight. It’s as simple as moving more and eating less. There are far too many people thinking that they have something wrong with them. That they need to follow a very specific diet, such as keto or paleo. What is at the core with these diets is that you’re cutting out a food group such as carbohydrates, which sugar, bread, and donuts all are. This means that you are most likely, if you’re losing weight, reducing your caloric intake either through restricting yourself or moving more or a combination of the two. Having a caloric deficit is the key to losing weight, it’s basic math. So we don’t need to keep buying into this multi billion dollar diet industry filled with misinformation, some of which is potentially harmful. Listen to the audiobook, he reads it himself 👏 ”Description: This is not a diet book. Are you ready to change your life? Welcome to the James Smith revolution. Self-confessed disruptor of a billion-dollar diet industry, James is armed with every tool you’ll ever need to achieve incredible results from dieting, training and staying in shape to identifying the fads, phonies and nonsense that get in the way of genuinely lasting progress. But this is so much more than just losing fat. It’s getting to the root of why you always wear black; why you get undressed in the dark; why eating the foods you love make you feel guilty; why you’re afraid to step into the gym; why your confidence is at an all-time low; and how all of this is having a negative impact upon all areas of your life, relationships and happiness. So, be prepared to transform your attitudes, fix bad habits, lose fat, gain confidence and become the best possible version of yourself with the last ‘diet’ book you’ll ever need. It’s so much simpler than everyone wants you to believe….”

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