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Lululemon is a yoga, cycling, running, office commute, and swimwear apparel brand that is based out of Vancouver, Canada. It was founded 1998, and originally they started out with yoga apparel for men and women. It has quickly turned into a global brand. 

If you haven't heard of Lululemon then consider yourself both a bit lucky, and also, a bit deprived! 

I know that doesn't make sense, but here is the thing - Lululemon is expensive! However, it is SO worth the money spent. I never used to be one to spend a lot of money on yoga or fitness wear. I would go to Nordstorm's Rack or TJ Maxx to find my cheap sportswear there and was content for awhile. 

But over the years I have grown so tired of spending money on stuff that is poor quality and goes out of style quickly. I mean I literally had a pair of leggings split in the bum stitch while I was squatting at the gym! And no, I didn't have an extra pair with me. Laughing out loud

My last pair of Adidas leggings even failed me! The band's stitches came apart from the leggings. The Nike's before that had a waistband so uncomfortable I ended up just getting rid of the brand new pair of leggings. So I scoured countless unsponsored (btw this article is unsponsored) Youtube videos in search for the best fitness apparel - and guess what?

 Lululemon had all the other brands beat on all the major buying points. Squat proof leggings? Check! Supportive sport bras for various sizes? Check! Super cute design? Check!

Here are some things you need to know before you start shopping at Lululemon and reasons to love the brand:

1. You can get 10% off your first online purchase - but make sure to make it a huge order because Lululemon never offers promo codes! 

2. Fitness instructors (with proof) can get 15% off their purchases. 

3. Their Align leggings are the most coveted product and what they are most known for. Scroll through any fitness lovers Instagram and you'll see several influencers wearing Lululemon leggings unsponsored. Aligns are known for their buttery soft fabric called Nulu. They are even offered in full length and 7/8ths for us short people! 

4. Make sure you wash your items as recommended by the tag. If you are in a store ask the salesperson how to wash them too because they have the best tips. When in doubt follow tip #5. 

5. Wash your items inside out, on 30 degrees Celsius on delicate cycle, and only with other Lululemon. Washing with other fabrics, such as cotton, will cause pilling. You want your items lasting for years so be careful. Hang dry your clothing! 

6. Lululemon has the some of the best customer service! Their products have a certain number of years attributed to them for their lifetime and if the product gives out before then, then you should be able to get a new product if you email the company. I believe Aligns have 4 years (for yoga practice - not for other activities) and if something happens, such as the seams come undone, then you can get a new pair. 

7. Lululemon locations offer free weekly yoga (in-store) and running meet ups! 

8. Lululemon has events in major parts of the world and warehouse sales. Check out and follow their instagrams for more information! 

9. Buy Lululemon second hand online and get if for half the price! The quality is so high that no one will tell the difference. Plus, the style's are timeless. 

10. Check out their We Ordered Too Much collection and get apparel at a discount! Check frequently because they update a couple times a week! 

If you have any other tips please let us know down below! Heart

I had 2 more tips but I wrote the article and it got deleted on accident. Hopefully I can remember them soon!