Week 31. Fitness Goals

2019-07-28 08:08 #0 by: Evelina

Share your fitness and nutrition goals for motivation and accountability! WinLaughing

2019-07-28 13:08 #1 by: Evelina

For this week, I am getting back into my gym routine. 

Today, which is Sunday, I am so incredibly sore from Friday's lower body day at the gym. I can literally barely walk. So I will be doing some yoga and stretching for about 45 min. And then go on a bike ride (20 or 30 miles). 

Monday, I'll go to the gym for a lower body day. 

Tuesday, hot Ashtanga yoga at the yoga studio. 

Wednesday, upper body class at the yoga studio. 

Thursday, I signed up for a 45 min HIIT class at yoga but depending on how I feeling I might skip it and do some lighter activity because the class is really intense haha. 

Friday, lower body day at the gym. 

Saturday, upper day at the yoga studio. 



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