You need to try these gym hacks!

2019-07-28 13:17 #0 by: Evelina

1. Use a box or step up to reach the bar for pull ups and leg lifts. 

2. Place a plate under your bum during hip thrusts if you have a short torso. 

3. When unpacking the weights from the barbell, place two small plates and roll forward to unload that side, the lift the barbell and slide off the other side's weights. 

4. Use a yoga mat or barbell pad during hip thrusts. 

5. Barbell hooks for squats should be placed at armpit height. 

6. For non squat-proof leggings grab a jumper and tie it around your waist.

7. Pin or tie your gym lock key to your shoes or leggings. 

8. Use covers to cover headphones or disinfecting wipes to clean your headphones

9. Place tea bags in your gym shoes overnight to freshen them up!

2019-08-02 00:54 #1 by: Tammie

I like the tea bag idea to freshen up gym shoes.

Happy creating!


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